We LOVE Rory Scovel. I mean, L-O-V-E. We love Rory, the comedian from South Carolina. We love Jason. We love Jason's nemesis, the vanilla ice cream Nazi who hates rainbow sprinkles. We love Adam. We love Steve. We love Damian. We love the Utah Jazz. We love German comedians and Christian comedians alike. We love Crish Angel. You don't know these people? Oh! You must not yet own Rory's Live at Third Man Records LP! We can fix that! And... what a coincidence! That 12" happens to be our Record of the Week! Get it now for the right price of only $12!

A few relevant points to make about Rory right now:

1) He's on CONAN tonight. (We also L-O-V-E Conan.) Set your DVR now for 11/10 central on TBS.

2) His new, hour-long stand-up special premieres on SEESOTV today.

3) He's coming back to Nashville on January 24th to do a show at the Basement East. You ought to be there. Get tickets