"Richard John Parfitt’s band the 60ft Dolls ruled the roost in my hometown back then. Now he writes taut, tense, economical, prose and this novel is as fierce, catchy and full of  hooks as any of his brilliant songs.”  —Jon Langford, of The Mekons

Turner is a high school dropout newly arrived in Toronto. After taking a job selling dictionaries for a local grifter named Romeo Silva, the day goes wrong and Turner gets into a fight with a biker who gets stabbed in the head. On the run from both Romeo and the Devil’s Children biker Gang, Turner and his pals, Millboy and Frankie, find an abandoned summerhouse in which to hide out. But tensions within the group damage personal relationships as external threats converge to destroy the lives they had. Stray Dogs by Richard John Parfitt is a Quentin Tarantino-esque coming-of-age road story, and the first novel by a UK author published exclusively by Third Man Books. Pre-Order now to be the first to read the book! Available from USA bookstores July 11 and August 24 in the UK .