Dear Nashville and Detroit communities, 

We have decided to leave our storefronts open for the time being until the CDC recommends otherwise. Our team has been given the necessary information to stay healthy; they've been briefed to take any signs of illness seriously and stay home if they're experiencing symptoms, instructed to clean their hands and sanitize the store space often. We invite you to continue shopping at our stores. Please note that public tours are canceled for the time being. We will continue to adhere to all regulations and advisories from the CDC, WHO, PHAC, other government authorities, and public health organizations, and should this situation change and we need to close for the safety of our community, we are prepared to do so. We will stay home if we are sick and we ask you to do the same to keep our communities healthy.

At Third Man, our continued commitment to bringing you beautiful, tangible, musical objects remains strong, and we hope in this time of great uncertainty, you are taking comfort in great art the same way we are. Stay healthy and safe! 

-Third Man Records