We're devastated to hear the news of Nashville Scene Editor Jim Ridley passing away today.

Anyone who lives and works in the arts in Nashville knows this already, but Jim has long been the single most effusive and rigorous supporter of everything culturally important and pure in this town, a spokesman, cheerleader, an ally and a great friend to us all. His passion and humor was infectious and resounds and rebounds throughout this city. His work, and all of the Scene's work, are such an important aspect of what people love about and why people want to move to Nashville. It's rare to see such positivity and support, and Jim encapsulates it all. Nashville truly will never be the same. 

Our love and condolences go out to Jim's family, his friends, all the staff at The Nashville Scene and all those who knew him or had simply had the great pleasure sitting in a movie theatre with him.

With love,

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