The Third Man Records Vault Subscription Service, responsible for the quarterly packages of limited edition vinyl records you all know and love and exclusive merchandise as well as the inside scoop on Third Man goings on and concert pre-sales, is proud to announce a new perk for its members. All Third Man Records Platinum Vault members already pay $60 (US) per quarter for their subscriptions to the Vault. Beginning today all Platinum Vault members (new and existing) are eligible to ALSO have TIDAL HiFi subscriptions (normally $19.99/month) for only an additional $5/month (totaling of $75/quarter for your Vault subscription and unlimited access to high quality streams). This 75% discount on TIDAL HiFi subscriptions remains in effect in perpetuity, for as long as a Vault member's subscription remains active and uninterrupted. TIDAL, an artist-owned and artist-friendly streaming service, has two tiers of subscriptions: a standard quality $9.99/month version (TIDAL Premium), and the high-fidelity, CD-quality, lossless audio $19.99 version (TIDAL HiFi) we are offering to Platinum Vault members at 75% off, as well as exclusive content and access to intimate live shows around the world.

Vault members can access their promo code to unlock this discount in their Third Man Store Account Dashboard, and should proceed to, "REDEEM VOUCHER," to enter their code and sign up. The discount will remain in effect for as long as the Vault member's subscription is continuously active, but please note, this is a ONE TIME discount. Once a Vault subscription is cancelled, the discount code is with which it is associated will be disabled and cannot be reactivated. Any interruption in Vault membership will result in the irreversible invalidation of the associated coupon. To clarify, if you cancel your subscription on your current e-mail address, your $5 TIDAL subscription then becomes a $20 subscription, and this cannot be reversed.

TIDAL is available via browser and mobile device, using Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Today is a particularly good day to join the Vault + TIDAL Hifi because Jack White's final acoustic performance in Fargo, North Dakota last week, which streamed live on TIDAL and the Vault, has now been archived and is available to stream in its entirety in both locations. To top it off, Jay Z announced on Wednesday that he will be putting on a Special TIDAL X Jaÿ Z B-Sides Concert, which will stream exclusively on TIDAL on May 13th.

Because we are announcing this partnership on the 1st day of a new Vault quarterly cycle (the soon-to-be-announced Vault Package #25), we are allowing new members who sign up this week (before next Friday, May 8th at 5pm CST), to purchase Vault Package #24 in addition to their new membership, an extension of the deadline, of sorts. If you sign up for a Vault Platinum subscription in the next week and are interested in receiving the Loretta Lynn Vault Package, which features a reissue of the Jack White-produced Van Lear Rose 12" LP with a previously unreleased bonus track, a 7" of White Stripes covers of Lynn's classic songs, an exclusive DVD of Lynn and White revisiting the time of Van Lear Rose in conversation and song, and a few extra treats, give our Vault customer service department a call at (615) 891-4393 x315 in the next week to secure your package as an addition to your new subscription.

Got questions about how any of this works? Feel free to e-mail for answers! Enjoy your unlimited access to great-quality music, dear friends!