S P R A Y   P A I N T  
A Side: “Cussin” / “Rest Vs Rust”
B Side: “Bad Times” / “Spock Fingers”

The Third Man team has been fanatics of Spray Paint’s sound for a minute. Their sound hits the sweet spot between the atonal movement of no-wave and nihilistic post-punk, like Mark E. Smith covering MARS. This chronicle of their live set in the Blue Room in August 2016 is excellent evidence. The first track, “Cussin’”, previously released by the band as an A-side in 2014, is even more tense and volatile in this live recording, held together by the loose glue of its hypnotic rhythm section. In light of the noxious political present, these live songs are only MORE urgent and necessary.

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T H E   R E B E L 
A Side: “Riding In The Sun”
B Side: “Why Must I Pay?”

Known best as the frontman of Scottish arty punks the Country Teasers, Ben Wallers has been expanding his smart and avant-garde deconstruction of punk music as The Rebel. With these songs, there is distinct focus on the state of being on the outside looking in. This is not music burdened by the hustle and bustle; rather, it's measured and critical and it feels rooted outside city pressures.

The songs, recorded in our Nashville Blue Room in July 2016, are characterized musically by drum machine and synth stabs with loose-handed guitar, that is to say desolate and questioning. On the b-side, “Why Must I Pay?” carries a biting critique; all macrostructures, not just punk or music, come into a disassembling, blinding spotlight — healthcare, monetary systems, humankind's “gains.” Leave preconceived notions at the door and take notes.

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A Side: “Bad Times”
B Side: “Not Myself”

We are proud to release the second ever vinyl release from garage stomping, punk slugging rockers Datenight, recorded to tape last July. Datenight have been playing what feels like every good show in Nashville for the past couple years. Their manner of smearing punk music with extra distortion and a dollop of pop, in the vein of Toy Love, Descendents, and the Oblivians, is incredibly contagious and just fun to see live.

Anchored by impenetrable brickwall drumming, their A-side single “Bad Times” is an energetic maelstrom centered around the chorus mantra “can’t do it all by myself!“, which acts as an invitation to the crowd to yell along.

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