Today, Third Man Records is excited to share a subversive new track from legendary feminist icon, musician, producer, and artist Peaches. “Pussy Mask” is available to stream now alongside a surreal music video -- watch HERE. The single will be available as a black vinyl 7", as well as a picture disc 7" (limited to 500 copies). Both are available for pre-order on the Third Man online store and Peaches online store ahead of a June 25 release.

Peaches says, “Because of the pandemic, our collective anxieties unite us more than ever. Even though it may not affect each one of us the same way, we all have similar base concerns. A serious reminder that we are all in this together. I wanted the song to be absurd and fun but also a reflection of our concerns. The humor shines some light into our dark, confusing, and frustrating reality.





The shamelessly delightful music video, directed by award-winning artist Leah Shore and animated by Leah Shore and Rob Yuflo, is complete with animated versions of Chief Justice Ruth Bader GinsburgRep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Peaches has always been a political figure, with lyrics famous for their focus on social inequality, body image, gender, and age equality. She was called a “heroine” by The New York Times and has spent the past two decades upending stereotypes and challenging social norms while championing issues of gender equality and sexual identity with biting wit and fearless originality. On her latest releases, she's more direct and defiant than ever. In just the past 6 months she's taken on systemic oppression on "Flip This", celebrated the 48th anniversary of Roe v Wade with friends Cyndi Lauper, Nona Hendyrx, Linda Perry and more on Amanda Shires' "Our Problem" and last year her seminal album The Teaches of Peaches turned 20, in a retrospective NPR said it fundamentally "shifted the window for sex in pop." This year she has also collaborated with Dave Grohl, Nick Cave and Tenacious D and co-created Fill The Whole, an online gaming experience, with award-winning directors and digital artists Pussykrew for the prestigious music and arts festival CTM in Berlin.

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“Articulate and courageous, some might say on occasion, outrageous, but always strikingly generous, genuine, and irreverent. I love her to hell and back." - Shirley Manson


“Peaches is so major.” Laverne Cox / The NY Times T Magazine


“Peaches is just the sh-t. She’s the bravest one of us out there.” - Amy Schumer / TIME


“Radically herself with no apology” - Elliot Page / TIME


“[Peaches] could be both authentic and sexual, emotional and gauche, and if the mainstream couldn't handle it, she would find an undercurrent of similarly frustrated listeners who could.” - NPR


"Peaches challenges status quo.” - Rolling Stone


"Peerless iconoclast" - Elle


“Her swagger, style and sexual provocation is as vital now as ever.” - i-D


“Peaches has not mellowed with time.” - Cosmo


“Super. Fucking. Cool.” - Huffington Post


“Peaches has continued to be a provocateur deeply ingrained both in the continuum of blunt artistry about female sexuality and in queer culture.” - Garage


"Twenty years before Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion brought "WAP" to the dinner table, Peaches had earned a spot in Urban Dictionary, rankled rock critics and subverted the male gaze.” -


“Continues to ooze sexuality, smash gender barriers and swear like its going out of style...

Be very afraid.” - OUT Magazine


“The world is still catching up with [Peaches] brash, irreverent,

and sexually self-assured life philosophy." - them.