When we think of healthy living, it obviously reminds us of… ourselves! So maybe we don’t eat as much kale salad as we should, but we sure aspire to. It is for this reason that we are so pleased to have our records and turntables on the shelves of a handful of Whole Body at Whole Foods Markets across California and in Brooklyn! Our goal has always been to spread love for vinyl records far and wide, and we are so pleased that Whole Foods shares the same passion. After all, ears, brains, and souls need TLC too, and the best way we know to keep them happy and healthy is by putting a needle to the groove.

Check out our wares in El Segundo, Fairfax, Oxnard, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, Tempe, Tustin, Venice and West Hollywood, as well as Brooklyn’s new Gowanus market/bar/restaurant/hangout/record store/bike repair/coffee shop — yes, really. We hope that the program will expand to additional cities in the future, so next time you’re getting your quinoa & wheatgrass fix, be sure to mention to the clerk that you’d love to see some vinyl in the aisles.