The GHB Jazz Foundation, Third Man Records, and Revenant Records are proud to announce their new licensing arrangement regarding master recordings originally released on the Paramount Records label, one of the most important record labels in American history.

Paramount, which in the 1920s and 30s released 78 rpm records featuring iconic American artists like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Jelly Roll Morton, Charley Patton, Ma Rainey and King Oliver, has seen its astonishing recorded legacy highlighted in a number of recent projects, including Third Man-Revenant’s “The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records” Volumes One and Two, and Third Man’s LP-only releases of Charley Patton’s and the Mississippi Sheiks’ early recordings.

The new licensing arrangement, which does not include sales in CD format or digital downloads (rights to which are retained by the GHB foundation), ensures that Paramount’s rich musical legacy can continue to be shared with new generations of listeners.

Founded in 1987 by George H. Buck Jr. (1928-2013), the GHB Jazz Foundation aims to celebrate and preserve these authentic styles of American music.