Third Man Records and Books presents Maggot Brain Issue #12! The cover feature celebrates the enduring, luminous genius of DOLLY PARTON, with a revealing conversation between Caryn Rose and Lynn Melnick on how her music quite literally saved Melnick’s life.

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OCTAVIA BUTLER – The very full transcript of editor Mike McGonigal’s lengthy, in-depth talk with the sci-fi feminist visionary, from 1997. The entire transcript has never appeared in print.

ROLIN-POWERS – The great Michelle Dove on what makes these avant-folk lovebirds tick, and why you should care.

THE CLEAN + HAMISH KILGOUR – An epic, archival interview with the band from 15 years ago, plus a fresh look thanks to Michael Galinsky at why Hamish meant so much to so many. The Clean were our favorite contemporary rock band.

FRED TOMASELLI – Many pages of his delightful reworkings of New York Times front pages, plus an insightful interview with one of our finest contemporary artists.

CRAZY DOBERMAN – Erick’s Bradshaw delivers an epic, well-illustrated tour diary of a brief jaunt with these noise greats.

Plus also – Composer TAYONDAI BRAXTON by Katy Henricksen! – a meaty, beautiful feature on DR. PETE LARSON by Fred Thomas, worlds collide! – An amazing LUCY SANTE column! – Cassette tapes! – Reissue of the issue is the ‘Saturn 2’ comp of obscure Midwestern ‘90s shoegaze! – The Bay Area’s deliriously good new band GALORE by Jessica Beard! – A beloved celebrity writes in to Mimi Lipson’s advice column! – A lengthy excerpt from a great unpublished novel by DAVID GORDON! – Editor Mike McGonigal’s tribute to Tom Verlaine! – And we think that’s everything, hard to really know, as we always pack so much into every issue because we love you!