Third Man Records & Books is excited to announce Issue #2 of Maggot Brain, a full-color quarterly magazine containing over 100 pages packed with art, music, literature, interviews, and archival stories. The March/April/May issue is available now, and yearly four-issue subscriptions can be purchased HERE.

Maggot Brain’s second cover feature is a three-parter on Moondog, featuring editor Mike McGonigal's phone interview with him from 1998, some amazing never-before-seen images, and a crucial series of archival interviews. The sophomore issue also features pieces on Robert Frank, Don Letts, Denis Johnson, Shana Cleveland, Russell Winfield, Jeremy Barnes, and more.

Inside Issue #2 - March/April/May 2020:

Moondog, A Robert Frank Tribute, A Look at Toody Cole’s Portland store, Don Letts Interview,

Artist Rebecca Morgan, Denis Johnson Archival Interview, 1960s Detroit Gospel Flyers,

Luc Sante’s Photo Column Debut, Feature on Snowboarding Legend Russell Winfield,

Live Show Reviews of Mayo Thompson and Eliane Radigue, RJ Smith on the Legacy of Skeeter Davis,

A look back at New Mexico News, from Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeremy Barnes and much more.


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We love you and promise to never have a ‘real’ website. Long live print!

We miss cigar-smelling newsstands crammed with amazing publications from everywhere all at once. We miss Creem. We miss Ragtime Ephemeralist. We miss Spy. We miss NY Rocker. We miss weirdo newsprint thrust at us right by subway entrances. We miss Weirdo. We miss Locus Solus. We miss Off Our Backs. We miss Low Rider. We miss Kicks. We miss The Voice. We miss Motorbooty. We miss Avalanche. We miss Grand Royal. We miss Slash. We miss the Gentlewomen of California. We miss Raw. We miss being able to find stacks of old OzIt, or Black Panther newspapers in the back of that used bookstore in the strip mall. We miss the red and black. We miss the crowding into See Hear. We miss Index Magazine.

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We miss anything that Joe Brainard did a cover for, that printed words by Lucy Lippard, that ran yet another bare-chested image of Iggy Pop, that told stories for no reason other than they must be told. And yeah, we are aware how cheesy that last bit sounds, but we are pretty much cool with being cheesy -- just look what the fuck kind of politics irony, disaffection, and that laziest vice of privilege have got us into.

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And yes, you get it, we love print but we do not merely live in the past surrounded by the moldy old, really. We mean, fantagraphics is still publishing new issues of Love & Rockets, plus there is so much new stuff. From every single piece of paper at the Printed Matter Book Fair to the eight-colored silkscreen books of Le Dernier Cri, from your scrawled punk grad thesis ‘zines to the perfectly printed works of Eberhardt Press, there is still so much, and so much we do not know about being made now. And we still believe in the democratizing possibilities of the internet, despite its current state. We’re not luddites, but. Just please don’t ask us where our website is.

Over 100 pages packed with phenomenal content - art, music, literature, and unpublished archival stuff + more.