It's the last gasp of Summer and it's a three day weekend, and that sounds like cause for a celebration to us. But, if you need a little extra something to get you in the national holiday spirit, we've got something for you: New Stuff! Today, we have launched our brand new "Just Right Turntable." It's the perfect starter turntable that will fit snugly just about anywhere and allows you to spin all your favorite wax without breaking the bank or the shelf. We're also releasing a brand new deck of Third Man Playing Cards, because let's face it - your old Gin Rummy set is worn and tattered and you still have a few weeks before your special Dead Weather deck is shipped.



We also have a stockpile of gorgeous posters from past events that are now available in our online store. We have very limited quantities of all these screen prints, and they won't be printed again, so you have your eye on one, don't delay.



AAAAAND to sweeten the pot just one teaspoon of Grade A Premium Third Man Hive Honey more.... Take 30% off your order using the code THIRDMANLOVESME.  That means 30% off pretty much EVERY RECORD in our catalog...

*(Certain exclusions including turntables, pre-orders, Critter & Guitari, and Paramount box sets apply.)

Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!