Third Man Books is excited to announce that Needles and Plastic: Flying Nun Records, 1981-1988 by Matthew Goody is now available for pre-order. Founded in 1981 by Roger Shepherd in Christchurch, New Zealand, Flying Nun Records unleashed an extraordinary wave of music that had an impact around the world. Needles and Plastic is the first comprehensive history of the early years of the label and its bands covering the critical period from 1981–1988 when many of the most influential and critically acclaimed artists emerged on Flying Nun, bands such asThe Clean, The Chills, The Verlaines, The Bats, Look Blue Go Purple, Straitjacket Fits and Bailter Space. The influence of the obscure label became apparent in the 1990s, when well-known indie acts like Pavement, Cat Power, and Yo La Tengo started covering Flying Nun bands. Find out more about Needles and Plastic and order your art-book quality paperback here or hardcover special edition here.