Two blasts from TMR Live shows past rear their psychedelic rock-n-roll heads today and are now available on our site and iTunes for purchase and much rocking out.

The People's Temple, Lansing MI's finest psych band since Earthen Vessel, bring us searing live versions of "Never More" and "Miles Away" (Buy the 7" | Get the Download) while Hell Beach reaches down into their guts and pulls out hard groovers "Ocean Floor" and "End." (Buy the 7" | Get the Download).

Two incredible live 45s, recorded here in our venue direct-to-tape, housed in our distinctive Live series die cut sleeves. People's Temple and Hell Beach are two of the most intriguing and rawkus bands currently blowing up the rock-n-roll underground and these live 45s catch them at full speed. Buy both singles together and save!