We are pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved Third Man Records Vault. For those of you not yet familiar, the Vault is our quarterly subscription service, previously hosted by Modlife. Vault subscriptions are available in 2 levels: Gold, which allows you access to online content, andPlatinum, which allows access to said online content as well as a quarterly exclusive package featuring a 12”, 7” and bonus item that only Vault members will receive. (Examples of past Vault packages can be found here.)

The exclusive, online content on the new Vault will be open to all until we announce our next quarterly package in early July, so we’d like to take this opportunity to invite members and newcomers to poke around.

If you find that you are enjoying the content, we encourage you to consider a membership. Content will become exclusive again after the Vault package #17 is announced in early July. Please note that the Vault Novelties store will not launch until Package #17 is announced, and other features like live stream and pre-sales will become available in the coming months.

Please keep in mind that this new & improved Vault is new to us too. We liken the way we feel on this day to the way the engineers of the Hadron Collider must have felt when they flipped the switch… so we appreciate your patience with us as we get these protons accelerating and unlock the keys to the universe.