This time of year it's always important to remember those in less fortunate situations than ourselves, and Third Man is no exception. For many reasons we absolutely love our neighborhood. From day one, everyone in our corner of Nashville has been extremely welcoming and hospitable to us, as well as tolerant of our many crazy schemes, long lines, late night shows, weekend block orientated functions, etcetera etcetera…

At the top of this list is the Nashville Rescue Mission, and we'd like to give a little something back to our friends over there and the many hungry, homeless and hurting people they help every day. Every year they do a massive banquet for Thanksgiving and a drive for a 1,000 turkeys food and other desperately needed materials for the folks they help. This year at Third Man we're going to help them reach this goal through our Great Third Man Turkey Drive.

Starting today and lasting through Tuesday November 26th, every person who brings a turkey or needed items equal to the cost of a turkey to Third Man will receive a free 7" of their choice (sorry, no limited edition or specialty discs are eligible) and we'll post a picture taken with the donator, their turkey and their chosen 7" on our wall of fame. Of course there has to be a Grand Prize, so the person who brings the MOST turkeys (or other eligible items equal in cost to turkeys) will win a very rare Dead Weather Triple Decker record. Yes! We all thought they were gone and done, but Third Man Big Shot Ben Blackwell found one under his couch recently and is kindly donating it to the cause!

So, bring your turkeys and your giving spirit to Third Man over the next few weeks and help do something good for some folks who really need and appreciate it.

Here's the low down in handy bullet point form!

Mon. Nov. 11th - Tues. Nov. 26th

Bring a turkey, other non perishable food stuffs (BIG CANS PLEASE), winter hats, socks or gloves equal to the cost of a turkey ($25), and get a free 7" of your choice and your pic on our Wall Of Fame!

Please bring a turkey or a receipt for your items tallying a minimum $25. Non-reciepted donations will be tallied thus:

Hat = $5
Gloves = $5
Socks = $5
Large canned food = $5
Small canned food = $2.50