Somebody to Love: The Story of Valerie June's Sweet Little Baby Banjolele is OUT TODAY!  This hardcover, children's book by Grammy nominated musician Valerie June and illustrated by Marcela Avelar tells the tale of a small banjolele who only dreamed of playing and singing, but could never finish a song until meeting a friend, Valerie, who believed in the banjolele's dreams. That's all the little instrument needed!  The banjolele suddenly burst out the song "Somebody to Love," the two became friends, and travelled the world playing music together and living their dreams! Find this heartwarming book of friendship, belief, and courage in bookstores everywhere,, and! There's also a signed, limited edition with two song 7" available here, only from Third Man Books.



"What an inspiring and generous book! Valerie’s unique lyrical spirit combined with Marcela Avelar’s beautiful illustrations perfectly capture the emotional wonders of childhood music-making and friendship. In a world that asks us all to fire up our imaginations, Somebody to Love gives us all a sense of life’s best possibilities. And what could be better than a banjolele in the middle of it all?" — Dan + Claudia Zanes