Third Man Books is pleased to announce the Rolling Record Store (and burgeoning bookmobile) will spend Apr 4th-6th at the Mission Creek Festival in lovely Iowa City, IA. The festival takes place in venues throughout the downtown area, all within walking distance of each other. The lineup ranges from Philip Glass to Wolf Eyes, from of Montreal to comedian Hannibal Buress.

This Saturday, April 5th, the Bookmobile will be posted up outside Gabe's at 330 East Washington Street with advance copies of Third Man Books' first publication, Language Lessons: Volume 1, our patented TAKE-A-BOOK, LEAVE-A-BOOK book exchange, and a slew of releases from a few of our favorite Language Lessons contributors. The reading, which is FREE ADMISSION, starts inside Gabe's at 8:30PM. Music will follow at 9:30PM for $8.

Readers at this event include Kendra DeColo, Joshua Gillis, Bill Hillmann, Russell Jaffe, Janaka Stucky, and Chet Weise.

Bands include Paul Cary and the Small Scarys, Kings of the F**King Sea, Sam Locke Ward and the Garbage Boys, as well as Brooks Strause and the Gory Details.

Tickets to Mission Creek available here. Keep an eye on the Rolling Record Store Twitter for last minute updates!