As you know, we have a whole slew of Record Store Day releases headed to the shelves of the purveyors of fine records around the world. Head to your favorite, participating record store (or to one of our two locations) to pick up the following:

FRANK WILSON "DO I LOVE YOU (INDEED I DO)" PURPLE 7", the "holy grail" for both Motown and Northern Soul collectors

LOS LOBOS VS THE SHINS "THE FEAR" Split 12" titled Los Lobos vs. The Shins features three distinct versions of their song, "The Fear"

JOSHUA HEDLEY "BROKEN MAN" MAHOGANY 7" of two non-album, never-before-heard tracks

Come for the records & new merch, stay for the bands!

NASHVILLE: 10am-6pm

...we have added a free bill of fast-rising local bands to round out the day to appear in the Blue Room!

Dancers - 12:30pm
Teddy & Rough Riders - 1:15pm
Soccer Mommy - 2pm


DETROIT: 10am-6pm

10am-3pm - Disc Jockeys
3pm -Stef Chura