We are excited to share our full slate of Record Store Day Black Friday 2019 offerings. Atop the list is Patsy Cline's Sweet Dreams: The Complete Decca Studio Masters 1960-1963 3xLP, which will be a 3xLP set available on yellow, purple and red colored vinyl. Next comes Jonathan Fire*Eater's Wolf Songs For Lambs LP, which will be available in Station Coffee brown vinyl. Finally, the label will be releasing Tenacious D's long-awaited Blue Series 7", which will be available in black vinyl with tri-color variants available only at our Nashville and Detroit storefronts. See below for more details. Black Friday is November 29th.

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Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams: The Complete Decca Studio Masters 1960-1963 3xLP (Yellow, purple & red vinyl)

Released for the first time on vinyl, Sweet Dreams: The Complete Decca Studio Masters (1960 - 1963) is an absolute must for any country music fan. This beautiful collection gathers all 51 tracks that Cline recorded with Owen Bradley after she left a restrictive deal at 4 Star Records and joined on with Decca Records in 1960.

It's hard to believe that these songs were all recorded in such a small time frame; so many of her top hits and fan-favorites were all captured during this very fruitful period with Bradley at Decca. Right off the bat, the new sessions struck gold with the classic "I Fall To Pieces," Cline's first Country #1.

Most notably, working with Bradley led Cline to find her signature, distinctive sound - braiding wistful country music ballads with big-band pop sensibilities that shone a spotlight on her elastic, smooth vocals, forging the path for future country-pop crossovers. With her sound in place, the duo doubled-down on their successes, with sessions that produced chart-toppers "She's Got You," "Crazy" and "Sweet Dreams (of You)."

Featuring absolutely stunning, powerful, full-color photos printed on the interior of the gatefold 3xLP jacket, Sweet Dreams is as just as rewarding for the eyes as the ears. The songs on this 51 track collection form the crown jewels of her discography and cement Patsy Cline's legacy as one of country music's greatest of all time.

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Jonathan Fire*Eater - Wolf Songs For Lambs LP (Brown vinyl)

At the height of Fire*eater mania, as the first big-ticket signing to the Dreamworks super-label, featured in spreads across all the hippest and au courant magazines at the time, amidst rumors of band members rejecting lucrative offers to be Calvin Klein models, the fact that they were able to deliver an album as solid as Wolf Songs For Lambs is still something to marvel at. Some of the band’s best work exists in songs like the wrist-breakingly beautiful drum work of “When the Curtain Calls for You” or the slappy, percussive reverb of “No Love Like That” or the twisted carnival organ figures carved in “These Little Monkeys.” The album explores emotive depths in the haunting corners of “Everybody Plays the Mime” or the plaintive simplicity of “A Night In the Nursery” through the charming, doo wop-styled backing vocal “ooh oohs” of “Inpatient Talent Show”…all of which seem to presage the slightly different downtempo direction band members Paul Maroon, Walter Martin and Matt Barrick would employ upon their formation of the Walkmen years later.

As is far too common in the realm of “popular” music, the public was in a full-on Britney and Bizkit frenzy and Jonathan Fire*Eater was unable to connect with the masses before their implosion in 1998. But Wolf Songs For Lambs, along with their previous albums, has long stood as a totem amongst the die-hard supporters of the group, spreading the word like gospel and converting heathens into believers for over twenty years.

This version released by Third Man Records was cut directly from the original 1/4” analog master tapes, is the first vinyl issue of the album since 1997 and is the first-ever vinyl release of the album in North America.

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Tenacious D - Blue Series 7" (Black vinyl for RSD Black Friday, tri-color vinyl available only at TMR Nashville & Detroit)

The long-awaited, heavily-hinted project between Jack White and Jack Black is here, in the form of a Jack White-produced Blue Series 7” featuring the incomparable Tenacious D. Kage and Jables stopped by Third Man Studios in Nashville to record this hilarious A-side-only single, with an absolutely iconic cover photo shot against the famous Blue Room wall at Third Man headquarters. We are honored to release Tenacious D’s first 7” single since 2006 and to make this release the first Blue Series single in almost 3 years.

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