Okay, so you know we're releasing 2 brilliant RSD-exclusive records as well as a slew of RSD-exclusive merchandise, you know we're letting you be Elvis for a day and letting you see Elvis' creation on the first day that he really became Elvis, you know we're launching a whole helluva lot of new, ridiculously fun products for all the littles and the mediums and the bigs of the world, and you know, just because you trust us with your whole heart, that it's going to be a damn fun day.



Well, you no longer need to subsist on faith alone... here's our detailed guarantee of the good times ahead...

Music: No Record Store Day is complete without some live music, and we are happy to have the following straight shredders joining us this year to serenade you outside, exposing dark matter to the bright light of a perfect April day: SHADRAQ, ANWAR SADAT, and PUJOL. 12:30 is when this magic happens.



Food: Our friends at the Stone Fox will be manning the grill and stocking the bar. Join us on the back patio for breakfast sandwiches in the morning and burgers and hot dogs (and their vegetarian complements) in the afternoon, as well as a delicious day drink. Also.... SNO CONES!

Friends: Critter & Guitari will be here demonstrating the miraculous new musical contraptions they have built for us! WXNA-FM, Nashville's new start-up, freeform, listener-supported radio station and the brainchild of two former WRVU (R.I.P.) DJ's, will be there answering questions, accepting donations and toting merch... we've got to support these guys. Also, your friends! Bring 'em! The more the merrier! We will even have a little cornhole set up on the back patio for making more friends.

If you missed Announcements Part I and II, get up to speed here and here.