This is no ordinary Record Store Day, as you already know... We are bringing you a White Stripes reissue, a facsimile 10" of Elvis Presley's 1st ever recording, and allowing you the opportunity to record your own record exactly as Elvis once did through the Third Man Recording Service.

But, would we ever let Record Store Day pass us by without some new and exclusive merchandise? NEVER! And, we have really outdone ourselves this year, with something for just about everyone... See our rundown of RSD-exclusives and new merch premieres below...

Critter & Guitari's Third Man Edition SEPTAVOX Keyboard and TERZ amplifier: We are SO excited about this. Critter & Guitari are makers of amazingly enjoyable audio machines. We have long been enamored with their Pocket Piano, so when the opportunity arose to have our very own Critter & Guitari instrument, we leapt at the chance. In the world now exists an instrument and amplifier designed specifically for Third Man Records - a 3-octave keyboard synthesizer "Septavox" and a 3-knobbed "Terz" Amplifier, both made in the U.S.A. The sounds and tones of the instruments were selected specifically for us, and of course, they come in black and yellow. These are not only instruments of enjoyment, these are instruments for professionals as well. Critter & Guitari designs its products with the notion in mind that they should please anyone of any age and any musical skill level, and the Septavox and Terz are no exception. We will have a Critter & Guitari demonstration table set up at Record Store Day with their resident wizards ready and waiting to show you the instruments in all their glory, but for a sneak peak, check out the video below...

Third Man Little Loog Electric 3-Stringed Guitar + Accessories: This is a big one for the little ones... This electric guitar is 3-stringed, kid-sized, and so easy for little hands and little musical minds to play. It’s made of real wood, gets a big, black and yellow stamp of approval from your kids’ favorite record label (that's us, right?), and is a serious instrument with a screaming pickup that sounds amazing regardless of what style your little picker is into. We've included the following cheat sheets to get 'em started: "We're Going to Be Friends," "Black Math," and "Hip (Eponymous) Poor Boy." Oh, the songs they’ll play! We've also cooked up an adorable accessory pack sold separately containing the perfect little backpack for young musicians-on-the-move, a tyke-sized guitar strap, and a guitar stand for when your little one finally puts the ol' axe down and heeds the dinner bell. And you thought it was difficult before...



Record Store Day Exclusives: If you're not already "collecting them all," you'll want to start on that now with our RSD Enamel Pin. We also have a Third Man Recording Service Button and Poster, as well as an RSD 2015 sticker, which is a freebie for customers, because, well... because we love you.



New Band T-Shirts + Silkscreen Postcards: Just in time for our favorite holiday of the year, some of our favorite designers have designed new band t-shirts for all our favorite bands! Grammy Award winner Rob Jones always steals the show with his designs, and this time it's no different... we're debuting 2 new Rob Jones t-shirts for The White Stripes and the Raconteurs. Plus! We have a limited number of silkscreened Rob Jones' White Stripes-in-Brazil postcards, previously seen in smaller form in Vault Package #23... These larger versions are 12 x 8, and absolutely gorgeous. Hard to resist, right? We are also pleased to debut a new Dead Weather t-shirt designed by Silent Giants, and a new Jack White t-shirt designed by Todd Slater. These artists have all had their work featured on Jack White's tour posters, so we figured it was time to bring some of their masterpieces to your closet. Click the t-shirt image below to see a gif of all the new shirts!



Last but not least: We are resurrecting the endlessly popular record crates from last Record Store Day. They are made-in-Nashville and perfect for carrying your new bounty home and storing your records safely upon arrival. We also have some sweet and handy, new, multi-use shop rags. Who doesn't need more shop rags?



Please note, the Loog Kid's Electric Guitar, Critter & Guitari Instruments and new T-Shirts will be made available in our online store beginning on Record Store Day as well.

T minus 8 days, friends. WE. CAN'T. WAIT.