This Saturday, April 21st, is Record Store Day and we are very excited about it. We wanted to get some information out ahead of time so folks know what to expect when they get to Third Man. We've already told you all about our Record Store Day releases, but if you want a quick refresher course please click here for all exciting info.

Third Man will be open our regular Saturday hours, 10am to 6pm. Parking will be available in the Mission parking lot across the street from our store. The Bang Candy food truck will be outside serving handmade Marshmallow Delights. and all kinds of delicious confectionary. There may be some other food truck goodness as well...

We will be splitting the number of exclusive Record Store Day titles equally between the Rolling Record Store and our brick-and-mortar shop. The Rolling Record Store will be parked in front of our new building (next door to our original) at 621 7th Ave S. This building is easily identifiable, it has a Third Man logo sign and will have a Rolling Record Store parked in front of it. Each of these two locations will have the exact same quantity of Third Man-only merchandise.

Those arriving early in order to queue are advised to pick either our shop or the Rolling Record Store and get in line in front of your preferred spot. Liquid-Filled™, laser-cut lace, etched, and colored vinyl will be one per customer per title and if you buy from the RRS you will not be able to purchase again from the shop and vice-versa. These releases are extremely limited in number and we ask that you respect the other collectors in line. Besides...we'll be watching you.

We've priced the exclusive items in a way that we think is not only fair, but will help keep the casual flippers away. When considering prices we ask you to bear in mind that NONE of these items are practical or simple to manufacture in any way. Have you ever tried to fill a record with liquid? It's not as easy as it sounds.

The Liquid-Filled Record™ will be $100 and the laser-cut lace will be $20. The “Sixteen Saltines” 12-inch single will be $10 while the “Hand Springs” and “Milk and Honey” swirl vinyl will be $8 each.

Good? Great. Let’s do this.