It has been a while since we’ve reminded you all of the glory of Dexter Romweber and Chris “Crow” Smith. Flat Duo Jets reigns as one of the most prolific, and one of our most favorite, American psychobilly acts to come out of the 80’s/90’s, and Go Go Harlem Baby, produced by the legendary Jim Dickinson, is a reissue we worked hard to bring back to life for your enjoyment. Go Go Harlem Baby has been sold out (due to popular demand) for more than a few weeks as of late, but trusty United Record Pressing just dropped off a new batch, hot of the presses, and we are eager to keep spreading this masterpiece out into the world. If you’re a fan of rockabilly or garage rock or punk or blues or The White Stripes or Jack White or, hell, if you’re just a fan of America (Go USA!), this one’s for you. Get it here for a special 'Record of the Week' NICE PRICE.