We at Third Man Records love every turntable, but we'd be lying if we told we loved them all equally. We play favorites, and we can't help it. Throughout the coming weeks, we will be highlighting some of our favorite gear available at thirdmanstore.com. This week? Our Limited Edition Pro-Ject Turntable. It's our first audiophile turntable and it only has with one thing in mind: sonic transcendence. The radical design, shape of the chassis with decoupled motor, inverted main bearing, and newly designed tone-arm guarantee that this turntable is a worthy and sizable upgrade to your listening station. The Limited Lightning features a factory-mounted moving magnet cartridge, an inverted chrome-plated, stainless steel axle that rests on a polished steel bearing in a bronze housing for low wow-and-flutter and speed accuracy, three nylon cone feet to further reduce noise and vibration, and a three point MDF plinth with an isolated motor assembly optimized for low noise and speed stability. Is that Greek to you? Let us translate: this turntable will make your records SING.

Want one? You're in luck... they're available for an EXTRA NICE PRICE this week/weekend only. The deal ends on Monday. Don't delay!