Next month’s Peripheral Visions, co-presented by The Belcourt will be a commemoration of the late, great horror director George A. Romero. On August 8th, we will be showing his 1968 cult horror film, Night of the Living Dead, on 16mm. Romero built the modern zombie drama in 1968 when he made the film with a budget of only $100,000. In an interview with NPR Romero said, “I have a soft spot in my heart for the zombies… They are multipurpose, you can’t really get angry at them, they have no hidden agendas, they are what they are. I sympathize with them.”

His family released a statement saying Romero died on Sunday, July 16th, at the age of 77 after “a brief battle with lung cancer." We will be screening Night of the Living Dead Tuesday, August 8th. Doors 7:30pm, screening at 8pm. Get your tickets here