Greetings, all you music-makers and dreamers of dreams. We've got a small recap just for you, JUST in case you missed any of the tantalizing details surrounding a certain Wonder Cabinet these past couple weeks. Foremost, we are thrilled to announce that Third Man Records and Jack White, along with Revenant Records, have also been nominated for our efforts in releasing The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Volume One (1917-27) in the categories of  "Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package" and “Best Album Notes” (written by Scott Blackwood).

Secondly, a quick glimpse offered by Nate Chinen at the New York Times calling The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Vol. 2, a work of "gleaming Art Devo valise, teeming with a democratic profusion of American blues, rustic folk, and hot jazz." Then, as you know, CBS This Morning sat down for quick word regarding our hopes for the survival of American blues. Up next, Barry Mazor writing for the Wall Street Journal said that, "A hands-on, eyes-on, ears-on examination of the new set underscores that behind the singularly grand presentation lurks an immense appreciation…of the musical performances and visual presentation style of the original Paramount producers."



Beyond that, the kind folks at SpinStereogumBillboard, and the Boston Globe showed us a little bit of love too, plus Pitchfork just named the box set the "Best New Reissue," saying "...this music still moves." So, what's the hubbub all about? Spanning the years 1928-1932, and following the label on its furious run for the ages, Paramount Records effectively birthed an entire genre of Mississippi Delta blues and issuing some of the most coveted records in the history of wax. Of course, we present it to you, all this, in an even sexier package than the 1st! The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Vol. 2, features a polished aluminum and stainless steel "Machine Age" cabinet containing another 800 tracks, two books, ads, USB drive with app and 6 180 gram LP's pressed on alabaster vinyl with hand etched numerals and holographic images. It is a sight to behold and an object that can make its owner an expert and a connoisseur of American music. From the weird to the winsome, this is a definitive look at the history of America music that went on to impact cultures beyond our boarders, which came back to us all tenfold. Watch our new unboxing video below, and purchase The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records, Volume 2 here