Finally, a kick-ass video game based on poetry rather than FIFA or Seal Team 6. Now all you gamers out there can experience what pixilated, dark haired poet Sampson Starkweather experiences: PAIN. So, no more can society argue that video game culture has usurped activities such as reading. Play the game. Taste the PAIN. Then, inflict more PAIN on your-self-abusing-selves, sitting in your dark rooms, cathode blue computer colored faces, still arguing Atari vs Intellivision, or the processing power of this-or-that latest console, and Pre-order PAIN: The Board Game by Sampson Starkweather, the fourth title from Third Man Books.

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Play the Game

"[Starkweather’s] poetry is so real, so stunning, so emotionally accurate and strange…I find with each poem I’m laughing out loud. But also putting my hand over my heart, in a futile effort to keep the damn thing still.” —Bianca Stone, author of Someone Else’s Wedding Vows

Pre-order PAIN: The Board Game by Sampson Starkweather now.