We're excited to share the two newest titles from our famed Live in the Blue Room Series. Kevin Morby and Liza Anne are the latest to contribute to the legendary series, following artists like Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Margo Price, and Dinosaur Jr. Both Kevin Morby and Liza Anne's releases are available to purchase today, with exclusive, limited blue vinyl version available at our Nashville storefront and via the Vault store while supplies last. 


Liza Anne: "Take It Back" b/w "Overnight"
Recorded right before the release of her Arts & Crafts instant-fan-making debut Fine But Dying, both the A-side "Take It Back" and the B-side "Overnight" are from local popster Liza Anne's self-released album Two. "Take It Back" is moving, propulsive indie pop at its finest, somehow better with the strong conviction of their message captured live. "Overnight" starts out as a threadbare folk rock tune and compounds and builds up until, finally, the smoke clears again right before the finale, creating an impactful air around the last words sung.



Kevin Morby: "Destroyer" b/w "Black Flowers"

Formerly a member of New York folk group Woods, Kevin Morby has made a name for himself with his four acclaimed solo releases. These songs, "Destroyer" and "Black Flowers", come from his third record Singing Saw, which was chosen for Pitchfork's Best New Music. "Destroyer" is an autobiographical minimalistic keyboard ballad, a distant cousin of the full band album version. "Black Flowers" on this single borrows less from the sweeping orchestras of Leonard Cohen's catalog and more from the melancholic austerity of Bert Jansch.