Space is limited and this event is RATED R
18+ only / $10 
Swap Meet starts at 5pm, Movies start at 7pm


Join us Friday October 28th at Third Man Nashville where we'll transform our Blue Room into what we can only describe as "Dad's basement from the 80's" for a night of the weirdest and most depraved rare psychotronic horror films you'll ever see... on VHS and all hand selected from the infamous New Vague VHS archives.

Yep, that's right. We're inviting you guys over to hang out on the couch and watch movies with us. So get a space on one of our couches or bean bags, cover yourself with grandma's afghan and have a drink. The bar will be stocked with only the finest of intoxicants you remember from your misspent teenage years, Boons Farm Wine, Mad Dog 2020, Busch Light... Eat popcorn out of coffee filters, and argue with each other on the merits of getting just that right shade of red in your fake on-screen blood. Watch the wood paneling spin as you get more then your fill of blood splattering, Devil worshiping, eyeball gouging, stabby stabbing, demon possessing, bad acting, poor quality tape tracking VHS after VHS in glorious clamshell cases.

And if that's not enough, come early for a VHS Swap Meet with vendors and collectors from the Nashville area. Buy, trade, be social in the real world!