On August 21st, 2017 Nashville will gaze upward and fall awestruck as the Sun is obscured by the Moon. Day will turn to evening, temperatures will drop dramatically, light will stream across the sky around the silhouette of the moon and we insignificant humans with our small feet planted on planet earth will be overwhelmed with an understanding of the vastness of the cosmos and how we are but small spectators in the great cosmic ballet.

Third Man will be celebrating this incredible natural event with a live soundtrack that is created and controlled by the eclipse itself.

We present to you Weather Warlock created by New Orleans musician and inventor Quintron. The instrument is a large analog synthesizer which is controlled completely by the weather and employs sun, rain, wind, temperature, moon, and lightning to affect an E major drone chord with special sonic events occurring at sunrise and sunset. Quintron predicts the effects of the totality of the eclipse on the Weather Warlock's sensors will produce a very dramatic effect indeed. The performance will last through the partial eclipse (beginning and end) as well as the totality.

Weather Warlock will be conducted by Quintron on the roof of Third Man Records, we'll have a special PA set up outdoors w/ speakers both projecting from the roof and ground to pipe the hypnotic soundtrack throughout our area in the PieTown neighborhood, creating a completely immersive experience for spectators eyes, ears and souls. Of course we will be running mics from the roof down to our mastering studio and cutting the totality portion of the eclipse soundtrack direct to acetate for future release as well (more details on that below).

The event will open with an invocation from poet Janaka Stucky at 12:30pm.


Other important info:

We will be selling a limited edition, colored vinyl 12" record in our Nashville store only of Weather Warlock performing "Microburst Hail Storm: 6-27-2017 - Las Vegas New Mexico", this will be a one sided album with a unique hand-done manipulation from Quintron on each and every copy.

The 'Microburst Hail Storm' track will be available again at a later date as a completed standard, and widely available, LP wherein the B-Side will be comprised of the best 18 minutes from the August 21st Eclipse show (which as you'll remember, we are recording Direct-to-Acetate). Making this a complete set of music created by two separate but extraordinary celestial / meteorological occurrences.

On-site will be a refreshments ('adult' and 'all ages'). We'll also be selling screen printed posters for the performance, Eclipse T-Shirts and stickers in our store as well any and all other space themed items from our past we can dig out of the archives..

We'll open at our usual time at 10am. And here's a handy schedule below for the day's events:

  • Monday, August 21, 2017
  • Third Man Storefront opens: 10 am CT
  • Partial eclipse// Weather Warlock performance begins: 11:58 
  • Janaka Stucky reads Invocation: 12:30 pm CT
  • Start of totality: 1:27 pm CT
  • Total eclipse duration: 1 minute 55 seconds
  • End of totality: 1:29 pm CT
  • Partial eclipse ends: 2:54 pm pm CT