7pm Doors/Grill Out
8:30pm Bands

Folks, I'm wondering. Whatever happened to the good ol' days of seasonal fright and legitimate, spiritual FEAR? I'm not talking about that wacky beef baloney band, either. I'm getting at something waaaaay back, like in the 50s, right after electricity was invented but there still wasn't any GPS. Back when the limits of science and the edge of reason were totally frayed, yet laced with a hint of old magic. Back when you might still spot someone lighting a torch at dusk on the way to the apothecary. Back when a chill in the air meant something. Things are v diff right now. It's like every contemporary Halloween is the same sad, choreographed plasticine rager and a phoned-in historical reenactment of the previous year. Remember last year when a friend of a friend tried in vain to whip up some sort of counterfeit Kevorkian Narnia potluck with an oil-stained bucket filled with tap water and gritty apples? Remember the silly string? Remember the Monster Mash? Well, we're here to fix that.

This year for Devil's Night THIRD MAN RECORDS will keep it simple and keep it real. We still have LOTS of details forthcoming but for now let's CELEBRATE THE RELEASE OF THREE BRAND NEW LPS by VIDEO, TIMMY'S ORGANISM, and WOLF EYES with a party-type live performance kinda thing. How does that sound?

The pre-show festivities will commence at 7:00pm. Come hang out, have a snack, and get spooky with your buddies while the TMR team preps for total insanity! The music will start at 8:30pm sharp with local bleakbeat occultists, ESSENTIAL TREMORS, leading the charge with a sound like dystopian freezer burn with a hint of disgruntled pollution. This band is rattled in their fascination with tension and humor onstage. Weirdos that shred and bop all cool, maaaan, that's some of our favorite stuff! Where did they come from? How do I learn more? Whatever it takes: sign me the frigggggg up 'cause I'm sweatin' already. From dancing!
Playing second (but technically second to none) we have our favorite favorite FAVORITE lonestar Austin punks. None other than VIDEO who will lead us all not only BACK into temptation, but also into true #tripmetalapproved disarray. They're a proper punk rock band and, baby, it's a 50/50 split guaranteed. To be clear, that's 50% PUNK and 50% ROCK... Are you with us? Are you still reading? No rookies in the mix, just the pure and effortless showmanship of TV's Daniel on vox, the best drumming you ever saw, and an almost bloodthirsty abandon negotiated by two of the riffiest and strappingest lads on guitar and bass to ever grace our stage. Period. You check out that single yet? Have a peek at a vid of these lunatics performing "Nothing Lasts Forever" the AMAZING b-side to their first 7'' on TMR right here.

Up next we got us Detroit's FINEST rock 'n' roll slumpunks TIMMY'S ORGANISM. Fronted by the inimitable Timmy Vulgar (Human Eye, Clone Defects), whose bands continue to make so many others look like an adorable blend of synthetically bashful and utterly weak. I'm looking at you 90% Of Active Musicians. They remain the perfect collision of ACTUAL EFFORT and RAW SEWAGE. While you're at it go ahead and launch that sucker into the deepest space you can find, the stuff BETWEEN stars. Now you're on the right track. Scuzzy, vile rock all the way and the far reaches of the known universe! Did you check out that single yet? No? Wow. It's available HERE.

Lastly, we are pleased to present the world renowned, neo-noir trip metal majesty of WOLF EYES who are also from Detroit. Post-industrial, post-noise, post-haste, post-ego. To hell with rudiments. Advanced listeners only. This is the rebel sound of young America, old America, and all that lies between. These are the makers of battle hymns. Here's the soundtrack to the powerless hours of life that pile up over decades. Here's your personal peace of mind twisting in the wind. Here's your chance to break the chains that keep you shackled to a list of ad hoc Fall Favorites that make you whine when you need to wince. Did y'all grip that single yet? NO?!?! Now's the time. Get it HERE.

Anyway, you know the drill. There's absolutely NO ENTRY unless you dress up. We'll have snacks and drinks. Let's all have a good time and be cool to each other. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW (Available online and in our Nashville storefront).

And... If that's not enough for all you mega-scoundrels, we've gone ahead and arranged a SECOND SHOW for the following night (that's right! Halloween itself!) at The Earl in Atlanta, GA for everyone that might consider Nashville "too far" or for anyone who has already sacrificed their wild social life at the Altar of Maybe. Doors at 9:00 PM / $10

More info on that show HERE and HERE.