As any visitor to our Third Man record shop over the past few months could tell you, there's been a whole lotta construction goin on over at the Ol' Record Mill... We've been expandin', upgradin', face-liftin' and innovatin' left and right. If you thought Third Man HQ was cool before, just wait until you see it now. AND YOU WILL.

Starting in October all the construction will be done on our new building, old building, alley way and venue and we'll be re-opening our Live Venue to the public with some pretty great events all through the month of Rocktober.

Let's jump right into THE EVENTS... and then we'll talk about some of these exciting upgrades to the compound.


Grand Re-opening with The Shins and Low Cut Connie

Did you hear that crack just then? That was your head splitting wide open from that incredible news that The Shins will be playing an intimate show here at Third Man Records in our Blue Room. What can we say about The Shins that hasn't already been said in miles of press. They're one of the best bands out there today and we're honored to have James Mercer and the band here to play live and record a live LP for us. Low Cut Connie's new album "Sylvia" is out now and getting rave reviews from Rolling Stone and all those other important music mags. We'll also have hot dogs and burgers (with veggie options if you're one of those types) available out on our new patio during the day - but more about the patio in a minute.

We're also going to celebrate by making the limited edition of The Public Nuisance re-issue available in our shop that morning from opening hours (11am). What is the limited edition of The Public Nuisance you ask? Only thesecond ever Triple Decker Vinyl ever made, which shall be known as The White Wall Triple Decker. We'll have 100 of these available on October 6th (50 from the shop and 50 from The Rolling Record Store). And we'll have another 100 available via the Rolling Record Store later in the month when it hits Richmond, Northampton, Philadelphia and New York City. We'll tell you all about that in the coming weeks, but wanted to mention it now so collectors can plan accordingly.



The Kills with Two Tears

I mean... what needs to be said about this one? This is a show we've wanted to see at Third Man since day Numero Uno. Jamie and Alison are two of the most talented and creative people we know... we're all massive fans and can't wait to have them rock our stage and commit to wax so we can finally have a release on the label by the one and only KILLS. If that wasn't exciting enough, word on the street is that they're bringing the Black Rooster Drum Corp along with them. Whoa Daddy!

Opening the show will be two piece rock n rollers, Two Tears.

Films of Olivia Wyatt 
Staring Into The Sun and The Pierced Heart & The Machete

Olivia Wyatt is a film maker and photographer based in Rockaway Beach, NY. On the 23rd we'll be presenting two of her films that have been released by the fantastic record label and collective, Sublime Frequencies. We are insanely excited to present the only Nashville screening of these modern day ethno-folk cinema classics. In Staring Into The Sun Olivia explores 13 different tribes throughout Ethiopia and takes in Zar spirit possession, Hamer tribal wedding ceremonies; wild hyena feedings and more in a blend of ethereal images, landscapes and sounds from the horn of Africa. The Pierced Heart And The Machete is a film exploring two Haitian Vodou religious pilgrimages that take place each year in mid-July. Both of these culturally and musically rich films are exactly the sort of front line and important sort of presentations that mean so much to us at Third Man. Really excited to have this screening at Third Man, the filmmaker, Olivia Wyatt, will be in attendance.

Seasick Steve with Promised Land

The dog Hisself joins us at Third Man for a rare Stateside live appearance. We're really pleased to have our old pal Steve back to Nashville to play a live show for us and the fans. Nobody, but nobody, rocks a Diddley Bow like Seasick Steve. This is a don't miss appearance from one of the greatest showmen working today.

Promised Land is a new-ish band from Nashville that mine the best from the Burritos and The Band and we know everyone is gonna love em.

The Shins, The Kills and Seasick Steve will all be recorded for Live At Third Man LPs, and Promised Land will be recorded for a live 45. Limited Edition Black & Blue split color vinyl Pre-Sales will be available for attendees only after each individual show.

Now... about those upgrades.

The thing we are most excited about is our newly installed record cutting lathe and vinyl mastering suite that fans will be able to view from inside the Blue Room. The live experience will be greatly enhanced as fans can not only watch the live show but see the show being recorded, mixed and mastered LIVE to an acetate disc via the viewing window and a two camera monitor system. Making this the ONLY live to acetate venue in the world. Oh, and did we mention the lathe was once in residence at King Records in Cincinnati? That means records from anyone from James Brown, Hank Ballard, Charlie Feathers or any number of incredible artists could have been cut on this machine back in it's heyday. Maybe even the original 'I'm Shakin'" by Little Willie John! All the headline acts in October will be recorded using this new system. We can't wait for everyone to see it in action.


Since we've expanded our operations into the building next door we're finally happy to say that we have public restrooms available for attendants to our events in the Blue Room. To find the new restrooms, you just cross right over our new covered wooden patio where we'll feature grilled hot dogs on our grill for every show.

And check out the Third Man Rolling Record Store! It's now got it's very own Batcave...

The new building itself... well, we can't tell you everything that goes on in the new building (SECRETS!), but you can see from these tantalizing pictures that no detail has been spared and it is an aesthetically pleasing yellow tinted wonderland, and we all just love the new digs!


Come and see us this October. We've missed you!