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As the brainchild of Jack White, the Blue Series started in tandem with Third Man Records. Built on the simple premise of 7” 45rpm singles each recorded in a single day, in the same studio, with the same producer (White), with photos taken in the same locale (Third Man Records’ onsite Blue Room) and manufactured at the same pressing plant (United Record Pressing, a stone’s throw from TMR’s offices) the resultant 40 singles impressively run the gamut of artists and styles.

These singles are near and dear to Jack — each one a snapshot of a passion project turned personal encounter. Third Man Books recent offering The Blue Series: The Story Behind The Color ( told the story of the series beautifully with exclusive interviews and photos. Now Jack has set out to describe the origin story of each individual record with his new video series “Behind The Blue Series.”

Whether it’s the wildly popular Beck, the classic veteran Tom Jones, the character Stephen Colbert, the polarizing Insane Clown Posse, or previously unknown performers making their debut releases, the Blue Series is the perfect snapshot of what Third Man, and by extension Jack White, have focused on and championed for the past nearly ten years. Learn more about the series via Third Man Books’ exploratory offering The Blue Series: The Story Behind The Color available now. Shop all Blue Series Records here.