On Record Store Day 2016 the aliens returned to earth after years of deep space hibernation and touched down with a perfect landing in the quiet parking lot of the Nashville Mission. Following Federation protocol, a scouting party was dispatched who bravely traversed a long cement tunnel with strange markings way back into the deepest reaches of Third Man Records, where they were to discover a martian landscape of sloping blue walls crafted of an unknown material, great beasts heads adorned the walls of this cave as though they were trophies, the entire cavern was bathed in a blue glow... the aliens, Man or Astroman?, climbed the steps of the platform in the south end of the cave AND PROCEEDED TO MELT EVERY FACE IN THE ROOM, culminating in an electrical display the likes unseen since the days of whispered about goings on at Shoreham NY way back in 1901.

photo by Jamie Goodsell

Man or Astroman? was recorded direct-to-acetate in Third Man Blue Room. This literally ELECTRIC performance is now available for you and future generations to enjoy on your home audio hi systems and turntables. Buy one for yourself. Buy one for your children. Buy one and dig a deep time capsule and bury it for future civilizations to discover and corrupt THEIR youth.

If you were lucky enough to be at this performance and purchased a limited edition Black n Blue, they are ready and available in our Nashville storefront for collection.