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"Scowling, winking garage rock. Full of lethal riffs, but toying with clap-along twee, The Paranoyds' ... splits the difference between Bratmobile and The Go-Gos, with a little Blondie thrown in...['Girlfriend Degree' is] a mission statement and a battlecry for a band equally interested in laughing as the world burns, and fixing it."

"Sweet, grungy goodness."



"'Carnage Bargain' is constructed of splinters from classic girl group, lo-fi guitar pop, and forceful impact of Riot Grrrl."

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"The Paranoyds don’t shy away, they seem to be embracing all the good and dealing with the evil too. They even go so far as to provide the people with the perfect sound to dance it all off to."


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Today, Los Angeles-based DIY rock band The Paranoyds share new single and accompanying video, "BWPout everywhere now. Alongside the single, the band announces a UK tour this fall with tickets on sale now here, in addition to their North American dates, ahead of their highly anticipated sophomore LP, Talk Talk Talk due out September and available for pre-order now via Third Man Records.

Before the official fall tour kicks off, The Paranoyds will support Jack White for three dates this September including Asheville, NC, New Orleans, LA and Shreveport, LA. The fall tour officially begins on October 13 in Santa Ana, CA and moves through the South, Midwest, plus a date in Toronto, ON before concluding in their home city of Los Angeles on November 12. Then, the band heads to the UK for a string of dates through the end of November beginning in London and concluding on December 1 in Ramsgate. Find a full list of dates below, and grab tickets via

After some audio feedback and a steady guitar loop begins, "BWP" opens the album with an attempt to escape the monotony of daily life. Over warbled vocals, expressing disappointment with how the once-alluring future turned out, guitarist and vocalist Lexi Funston sings, "Up on my bed / I'm looking to mend / I contend I've got a case / A fight in my head / I've got a ten I'm willing to spend / A day is long when not much is coming in / Cross off 60 more, this future was a bore"

Funston explains the fuzzy jam is inspired by feeling stuck in an endless routine for so long, daydreams no longer feel special or significant–they've just become the norm. "Every now and then there are those days and sometimes even weeks where it just feels like you're in a rut--for me they're usually induced by some sort of gnarly LA heatwave or fire (if i'm really unlucky, it's both!). All you can really do to escape the heat is daydream, but daydreaming's just not the same."

Speaking to what the title's three letters stand for, Funston adds, "I wrote the demo for the song at a time where it felt like all of a sudden Spotify was overcompensating for years of only boosting male rock bands, in this super disingenuous way (2019). There was this playlist called "Badass Women's Playlist," which I thought was such a cringe title for a playlist (looking at the playlist now, they dropped the "Women's"). "But, on the other hand," Funston admits, "I wanted our music to be on this playlist...I figured if I wrote a song with that intention in mind and named it after the playlist, we might finally get some subliminal love from Spotify...I guess that makes it a self-referential song about selling out.

Directed by Max Flick, the track's accompanying video allows each band member and their instrument shine as each shot corresponds seamlessly with each note played. Against a black backdrop, hues of red, yellow and blue along with a single spotlight bring the floating heads of each band member in and out of view. Similar to previously shared visuals, the band brings their retro spirit with them into the future, creating something brand new altogether.

Flick, who has previously collaborated with the band, was thrilled to be able to direct the latest video. "Since the first time I saw The Paranoyds play at the original Non Plus Ultra I was an instant fan and knew I wanted to make a video together. We have worked on many projects over the years, but this is my first time directing for them." After listening to the track, Flick had a clear vision for the visual. "Listening to BWP immediately provided me with these vivid images that we were able to make come to life and I couldn't be happier with the outcome." 


Watch "BWP" (Official Music Video)


Today's release follows previously shared singles–the punchy, societal critique of "Single Origin Experience" where the band observes flawed American values and pokes fun at the country's dedication to mass marketing and wide surveillance. Indie music tastemaker Under the Radar Magazine included the track in their Notable New Tracks list. The lead gritty, lo-fi punk track "Lizziecame with a retro, 80's-inspired video where the four-piece is seen rocking aluminum foil hats and dancing robotically, straight out of the TerminatorRIFF Magazine calls the track, "The futuristic punk you didn’t know you’d been waiting for," and GrimyGoods wrote, "Over skittering electric riffs and spacey punk...'Lizzie' is cosmically fuzzy as it [heralds] its groovy eclecticism."

Talk Talk Talk, the forthcoming sentimental, sci-fi-infused sophomore album from The Paranoyds gives the band space to expand, evolve and above all, have fun. Over 11 tracks, the band experiments with sounds that span an eclectic array of genres–from jazz, to lo-fi punk-rock, to groovy R&B–that melt together showcasing the innovative range of the rising rockers.

The Paranoyds are Southern California DIY rock royalty, unafraid and unapologetically in perpetual pursuit of a good time. Fueled by the fiery energy of their live shows paired with raw lyricism and subtle societal commentary, The Paranoyds are ready to take their artistry to new heights. The close-knit four-piece is made up of Laila Hashemi (keys/vocals), Lexi Funston (guitar/vocals), Staz Lindes (bass/vocals) and David Ruiz (drums/vocals) who together masterfully blend light-hearted playfulness with sharp sincerity over fuzzy guitar, dreamy vocals and punchy, punky rock-n-roll.

The band has caught the attention of several leading tastemakers as they continue to build on their fervent fanbaseLADYGUNN, called their music "upbeat" yet "ominous" and added the band is "edgy and cute all at once and their music reflects that youthful energy that you wish you could bottle." Surviving The Golden Age wrote, "...["Girlfriend Degree’s"] fuzzy guitars are reminiscent of bands like the Kinks or more modernly The Hives. Although the track is fairly mid-tempo, it still sounds urgent; it is a sign of a band who knows how to make anthems," and that "Carnage Bargain is a huge triumph for The Paranoyds" Of their debut LP, Carnage Bargain, Bandcamp lauded, "The superb, highlighting the dreamy vocals."

See The Paranoyds live this fall across North America where they will join Jack White for three dates, then embark on their own headline dates with support from MillyUpchuckTchotchkeand Bad Waitress. Plus, The Paranoyds have newly added a string of dates across the U.K. Get tickets now here and see a full list of dates below. 

The Paranoyds' latest single and video, "BWP" out everywhere now, brightens life's dullest moments as the band plots an escape from their daily routine. Talk Talk Talk, the expansive sophomore album from the four-piece is due out September 9 via Third Man Records and is available for pre-order now. See the band support Jack White this September ahead of their fall tour across North America and the UK with tickets available now here. Connect with The Paranoyds on InstagramYouTube and Facebook to keep up with the rising rockers.


LISTEN: "Single Origin Experience"

LISTEN: "Lizzie" | WATCH


The Paranoyds North American Tour

Fall 2022


Sept. 16 - Asheville, NC - Rabbit Rabbit* 

Sept. 23 - New Orleans, LA - The Fillmore*

Sept. 25 - Shreveport, LA - Shreveport Municipal Auditorium*

Oct.13 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room #

Oct. 14 - San Diego, CA - The Casbah #

Oct. 15 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar # (Milly only)

Oct. 18 - Austin, TX - The Ballroom ^

Oct. 19 - Dallas, TX - CheapSteaks ^

Oct. 21 - Nashville, TN - Third Man Records ^

Oct. 22 - Atlanta, GA - 529 ^

Oct. 23 - Durham, NC - The Pinhook ^

Oct. 25 - Washington, DC - Songbyrd &

Oct. 26 - Philadelphia, PA - PhilaMOCA &

Oct. 28 - Brooklyn, NY - Market Hotel & (+ 95 Bulls)

Oct. 29 - Boston, MA - Cafe 939 &

Oct. 31 - Toronto, ON - Monarch Tavern ^

Nov. 2 - Detroit, MI - Third Man Records ^

Nov. 3 - Chicago, IL - Schubas ^ (+ Bad Waitress)

Nov. 4 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St. Entry ^ (+ Bad Waitress)

Nov. 8 - Seattle, WA - Barboza

Nov. 9 - Portland, OR - Polaris Hall

Nov. 11 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill

Nov. 12 - Los Angeles, CA - Lodge Room 


* Dates supporting Jack White

# Dates with Milly and Mo Dotti

& Dates with Tchotchke

^ Dates with Upchuck


UK Tour Dates

Nov. 23 - London, UK - Sebright Arms

Nov. 24 - Cardiff, UK - Clwb Ifor Bach 

Nov. 26 - Manchester, UK - Mood Swings at YES

Nov. 27 - Birmingham, UK - Dead Wax

Nov. 28 - Leeds, UK - Brudenell Social Club

Nov. 30 - Brighton, UK - The Hope & Ruin

Dec. 1 - Ramsgate, UK - Ramsgate Music Hall


Artwork photo credit: JJ Stratford /

Album design credit: Jordan Williams


Talk Talk Talk (LP) Tracklisting:


01. BWP

02. Lizzie

03. Nissan Overdrive

04. Typing

05. Single Origin Experience

06. Freak Out

07. Andrew

08. Over and Done

09. 6th Street Bridge

10. LA 2032

11. Sunburn

Photo credit: David Perlman

The Paranoyds Bio:

The Paranoyds have the kind of connection people only dream of: as non-biological sisters who have known each other longer than they haven't and speak a language that no one else can understand. 

With a bond that began in preschool, Laila Hashemi (keys/vocals) and Lexi Funston (guitar/vocals) were always inseparable, so when they met Staz Lindes (bass/vocals) in ninth grade, it felt like they had known her all along. After all, they were a “package deal.” In high school, they began making music together in a friend’s laundry room and their relationship just blossomed from there. When it came time to add in a drummer, David Ruiz, who joined the band in 2015, fit in like he had been there all along. It's that special bond that has solidified their relationship as bandmates who connect seamlessly to one another’s energy on stage—and best friends. And it's the one thing that has remained a constant throughout the past two years.

Like so many others, the pandemic brought about unexpected change for The Paranoyds—both good and bad. Before the pandemic, the Los Angeles-based group was invited to perform at a Third Man Records showcase at SXSW. The opportunity ultimately led to the group signing to the label in 2021. 

The band's forthcoming release and first on Third Man, Talk Talk Talk, is rooted in the life-altering transformation they experienced since 2020. The process began back in April 2020 when they drove to San Francisco to record seven demos from the album at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone Studios. There, the band’s unbreakable friendship was tested once again as they ended up crashing at the studio for a week with no air conditioning or showers.

The time and space they were able to take (in and out of that studio) allowed them to grow and find confidence in experimentation. “You can tell the intention and the delivery is just a little bit more matured,” says Staz. While the foundational elements that have always been at the core of the band’s music—like tongue-in-cheek lyrics—remain, the band felt much more comfortable toying with experimental sounds, like sampling, setting up multi-layered drum tracks, and including tons of vintage synthesizers, for instance. It helped that the band enlisted Froth bandleader JooJoo Ashworth (Automatic, SASAMI, Dummy) as producer to re-record the tracks they initially demoed at Tiny Telephone. “He understood our band and the intention behind all of these songs--it was really just good vibes from start to finish,” says Laila.

Their singular sound and ability to surprise listeners is something that has driven Talk Talk Talk. You’ll be hard-pressed to find two songs that sound alike. Considering each of the band’s four members are drawn to everything—groovier R&B, lo-fi punk, fun, fuzz-pop and jazz—they’re able to create a bold collage throughout their music. 

Talk Talk Talk is largely a combination of sci-fi and sentimental songs penned by the group. Lead single “Lizzie” has a robotic nature that evokes Devo and Industrial Hammer Factory with the warmth of lo-fi punk vocals. The group takes jabs at the absurdity of the current reality and the “5G” future. “LA 2032” is a futuristic guitar-pop that pulls the group’s candy-coated vocals into focus. The band pivots from looking ahead to nostalgia on “Sunburn”—an oldie but goodie that pays homage to the high-energy, carefree music scene of their beginnings.

But there are more intimate moments nestled in the record, too. On “Typing,” Staz wistfully reflects on losing two dear friends to overdoses within a two-year span. “It's like reminiscing on the times with them and how intense it is when you find out someone you care about passes away,” she explains. “You can just feel that their name is in the air everywhere, and you just want to be able to talk to them.” The spacey, stripped-back “Over and Done” details the headspace of experiencing low self-esteem and the downward spiral it can inevitably create. 

But regardless of the subject matter, there’s catharsis in the way the band loses themselves in their songs. Opener “BWP,” for instance, feels like a fuzz-filled jam session flanked by warbled vocals. But it happens to highlight the band’s advanced musicianship. That exuberant, freewheeling spirit is channeled on the sticky emo jaunt “6th Street Bridge,” where Laila sweetly teases, “I don’t listen to music anymore.” The epicenter of the record, however, is “Freak Out,” which helped inspire the album title. A sisterly homage full of Shangri-Las-like call-and-responses, the track is—in a way_a love letter to their bond. With Talk Talk Talk, The Paranoyds prove their connection is unbreakable—and their secret language is for life.

(Ilana Kaplan)