Lola Kirke’s sophomore album Lady for Sale is out today on Third Man Records and accompanying the title track is a Jane Fonda-inspired workout video starring Kirke, filmed at the famed Parthenon in Nashville by director Celia Rowlson-Hall and cinematographer Ben Chappel. As part of the new album’s release, Kirke will be releasing subsequent workout videos, soundtracked by songs from the album, and hosting a free virtual workout class on May 8th at 11am CT (sign up here).

Watch Lola Kirke’s “Lady For Sale” workout video HERE

Lady For Sale showcases Kirke’s unselfconscious, country-twinged vocals alongside a brightly colored candy shop of glam-twang guitar riffs, department store tv commercial synth stylings, and swooping, lilting, unabashedly feminine background vocals. The album channels a high-spirited insouciance that feels invigorating and familiar, decidedly more easy-going and fun-loving than what we’ve come to expect from its genre (and the world in general) in recent years. 

About the unique fun of her album length workout video, Kirke said, About the unique fun of her album length workout video, Kirke said, “I’ve always hated working out but love having worked out. I also absolutely love Jane Fonda, so having her lead me in a workout felt like a fabulous compromise. 

There’s something so wild about the conception of her home workout series: she struggled with an eating disorder her whole life and found working out to be a healthier way to engage with her body, to which I relate. I can’t stand dieting and feel so much rebellion towards the societal standards for women’s bodies. Working out has been my way of feeling good about my body because dieting has always made me feel horrible about it.  

As I understand it, all the proceeds from Jane Fonda’s first workout tape went to various philanthropic and civil rights causes - which I think is fascinating. The marriage of art and commerce, and the effects commerce has on art, is something I’m really interested in and explore the album: What’s the price of trying to sell your work? It can be very expensive, both literally and figuratively. Is it worth it to you? I’m asking myself these kinds of things all the time.”

Kirke will be playing an album release show at Brooklyn Made on April 30 (get tickets HERE).

Praise for Lola Kirke:
“...through the smoky haze of Kirke’s rich voice, her lyrics offer us a hand to hold when we’re feeling these things, too…All the rhinestone shimmer of a fresh Opry suit, and the strong voice of a woman fearlessly sharing her darkest corners to hopefully shed a little more light.” 
“Her songwriting sounds effortless…exceptionally personal, witty.” 
“...contemporary, dreamy indie-pop and alt-country sound, reminiscent of heartbreak powerhouses like Angel Olsen, Jade Bird or Sharon Van Etten.” 
“Kirke's lovely and frayed folk-rock melodies sometimes feel like a bridge to the past.” 
“Heart Head West,” (is) rollicking and guitar-driven, overlaid with her lilting, smoky voice.” 
"Cutting a debut record is tough enough without a day job, but despite her expanding presence in television and film, actress Lola Kirke makes it look fairly easy….She combines candied melodies with prudent lyrics…(she) plumbs the murky depths of her register before floating to its peaks. " 
"...Heart Head West is like getting a glimpse into Kirke’s diary. But make no mistake, while the album does flirt with moments of overwhelming sorrow, it is much more complex than that."