We are hungry to test a new method of recording our live shows… direct-to-acetate-meets-breakfast! None other than the pride of Hawaii, surfer/filmmaker/musician Jack Johnson, will be joining us for a very special, family-friendly live show this Saturday morning at 11:30 am. Jack and his beachy tunes have been bringing a piece of the big, blue sea to both grown-ups and not-quites for over a decade, and we have no doubt he will feel right at home doing just that in our big, blue room.

Ticketing will be handled slightly differently for this show. Each purchase includes 1) a PAIR (2) tickets to the performance/taping & 2) a PRE-ORDER of the BLACK & BLUE Split-color vinyl record, which will be recorded direct-to-acetate that morning. Tickets are now available online or in our Nashville storefront.