Third Man Records presents our limited edition component to the much celebrated (and Golden Globe awarded) Hateful Eight soundtrack, featuring original scoring by Ennio Morricone. Produced in a limited number of 500, and featuring many hand-made and hand-assembled elements, this is one for Third Man and Quentin Tarantino fans alike. Just check this video and see for yourself!

The included LP is two 180-gram LPs w/ all the posters and booklet from the standard edition, but with a different cover featuring our man QT hard at work on the inside fold out... The 18 gauge galvanized steel 7" box features real bullet holes and a laser etched Hateful Eight logo. The box itself contains the score and soundtrack as a 7" set (on blood red vinyl w/ black streaks) inside 8 separate sleeves featuring all members of the Hateful Eight from the film, as well as a metal noose pin and a replica of the film's famed "Lincoln Letter."

We'll have editions for sale in-store only (no online sales) in both our Nashville and Detroit stores on January 25th.



• 2 180-gram LPs
• Trifold jacket with cover variant (soft touch finish)
• 60” x 12” poster
• 36” x 12” poster
• 12-page booklet insert

• 18 gauge galvanized steel box with real bullet holes & laser etched logo
• 8 7” records (blood red with black streaks) in Hateful Eight character sleeves (soft touch finish + spot varnish on blood)
• Metal noose pin in custom stamped and blood-spattered box
• Hidden Lincoln Letter replica

Standard version LP available now at and a local, independent record store near you.