Our Summer schedule is starting to fill up in both Nashville & Detroit, and these four events are just the beginning of many announcements to follow in the coming weeks. Join us on the first Tuesday and third Thursday of the month for our ongoing film series, Peripheral Visions and Light + Sound Machine, respectively, with the Belcourt Theatre. This month's Peripheral Visions (our cult and genre film night) washes us up on the shores of a mysterious Spanish island for Who Can Kill A Child?Who Can Kill A Child? is an atmosphere rich nightmare of a film that boldly asks the question, 'What if the children had enough and took matters into their own hands and then the adults have enough and take matters into their own hands against the children... WHO CAN KILL A CHILD?"

Not nearly as hokey or quasi-religious bent as Children of the Corn (and in fact Who Can Kill A Child? predates that book by a year), this is a sinister film that can be shocking and disturbing and is genuinely, actually SCARY. When was the last time you were scared in a film? I mean, come on... every horror film these days is soft soaped bump and scare style rated PG-13 snooze fest. Does a movie that goes alternately by the titles "Island Of The Damned", "The Killer's Playground", "The Hex Massacre", or "Death is Child's Play" sound PG13 to you? NO? Of course it isn't, and you wouldn't have it any other way, would you weirdo film fans?! Third Man and The Belcourt Theatre are very excited to bring this rarely-exhibited 1970's psychotronic blood-soaked horror classic to Nashville on 16mm film on June 7th. Join us won't you? 

In Detroit on June 5th, straight from its world premiere at the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Third Man Records Cass Corridor presents the second-ever screening of Tyler Hubby's radical new documentary, Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present. This unusual, non-fiction film examines the pioneering life and works of artist, musician, and educator Tony Conrad, one of the great American artists of our time, yet to the world at large he remains criminally underappreciated. Since the early 1960s, his films and compositions have been the stuff of legend for artists and musicians everywhere. His vast, inter-disciplinary repertoire has single-handedly created and influenced major film and compositional movements. Learn more and get tickets here.

On June23 th. Captwolf joins comes to Cass Corridor's Blue Stage on June 23rd. Captwolf’s 2015 mixtape,"Liquor Store Pizza Party At My Crib” sent vibrations throughout the Detroit local music scene and was probably the best mixtape title of last year. Their music is a mixture of boom-bap and psychedelic originality and this next wave, slacker, hip-hop boy genius collective live show should not be missed! Tickets here.