Every year around this time, we delight in seeing your little virtual faces brighten when we announce a slew of new stuff to bring a bit of extra joy to your holiday season. This year is no different. The bounty is ample. The lot is large. Just now we pushed the big red-and-green button and reactivated the "stocking stuffers" and "new merchandise" pages on our online store and duly stuffed them plump full of wonderful products... practical, seasonal gifts (hats! scarves! holiday cards! hoodies!), gifts to trick out your furry companion (leashes! collars!), and an array gifts that will blow the recipient's mind (skateboards! leather bracelets! Dead Weather prayer candles! vanishing ink mugs! leather slipmats!)


Wait. Hold up. Let's talk about this skateboard a little more. The Salemtown Board Co. Skateboard collaboration has produced a really special product. The Campus Cruiser is made to shred. Comprised of 7 layers of Canadian maple, this cruiser comes with a standard 14in wheelbase with plenty of pop and rocker to make carving and hopping up curbs a breeze. This board is made to turn any sidewalk into the best part of your day and is cut, shaped, finished, and painted by hand in Nashville, TN. Salemtown Board Co is an awesome local company whose goal is to by create jobs for young men that need them here in town. Check out the specs on the product page, watch the video below, and see if this isn't the slickest cruiser you've ever seen.

We also are pleased to now offer Manny's Children's Turntable on its own (previously only available as part of our collaborative "This Record Belongs To _______" Bundle with Light in the Attic Records).

If you're searching for the right end-of-year token of affection for the apple of your eye, don't forget about some of the incredibly cool products we've released over the course of 2015... The Critter & Guitari Septavox Synthesizer and Terz Amplifier will bring out the musically creative side in just about anyone, and the amount of fun that instrument is to play verges of scandal!



Get 'em started young on the Little Third Man Electric Guitar, a 3-stringed, bite-sized axe for kids who are dying to shred. Don't forget to pick up the accessories pack along with it — includes a backpack, perfectly sized guitar strap, and a stand. In fact, why not check out ALL the cool stuff we've got for smalls while you're at it?

Now, just to clarify, this is just the beginning of the deluge of desirables we will hit you with in the next few weeks. We will have a total onslaught of new merchandise (not to mention exclusive records and hot-of-the-press new reissues, all of which will be announced very soon) at our Third Man Records Cass Corridor grand opening on Black Friday, some of which will be exclusive to Detroit forever and some of which will eventually make its way onto our online store and Nashville storefront. But, why risk it? You should probably just join us... Did we mention the Gories are playing their first-ever in-store that day in our new space? We did? Just making sure...

That's all for now, friends. Hope you enjoy your new treats as much as we enjoyed designing and making them. We here at the Third Man Creative Hive live for this stuff.