We hear so much about the cultural battle for Nashville's SOUL these days, and whereas yes, it's true there are more condos then ever before and you're less likely to know the folks eating the open faced roast beef sandwich next to you at Rotier's, there is little denying that there are things about this funny little town that will never change simply because they are part of our DNA.

Hard work, stick-to-it-ivness, grit, and pristine musicality drenched in real life experience from the school of hard knocks... THAT'S Nashville. That's Country Music. That, ladies and gentleman is MARGO PRICE, and we here at Third Man Records are damn proud to announce that we'll be releasing Margo Price & The Pricetags debut album Midwest Farmer's Daughter in March of 2016.

And, while we could wax poetic for days about how much we love this record (and how we think Margo is here to save us all from the Starbucking of America with her stupefying voice that could tumble buildings and how her songs have one foot firmly planted in Nashville's past and their whole heart somehow gracefully existing in 2015), instead we'll let the music do the talking. Here's Margo pickin' and croonin' live and solo here at our favorite Opry after spot, the infamous Nashville Palace:

Speaking of Margo Price live and solo, she'll be playing an in-store TONIGHT at 7pm, just before festivities kick off in our Blue Room for the Americana Fest. And you can see her with the full band — awesomely monikered The Pricetags — right across the street from Third Man tonight at The City Winery at 11pm.