Our Nashville Blue Room is a perfect spot to see a show or catch a film screening, but every once in a while, we like to open it up to show off the type of art for which it was originally intended. Yes, that's right! Before Third Man bought 623 7th Avenue South, the Blue Room was a photography studio, hence the curved walls and dark room hidden behind the back wall. #TheMoreYouKnow. We're pleased to welcome photographer Heidi Ross with her show ILK: Similars 2004-2016, which consists of 27 images, the majority of which were printed for the first time for this very show and none of which have been exhibited before. The photos are presented in pairs and groups that share an unlikely likeness, but were shot without this in mind at different moments and locations over the past 12 years of Heidi's career in Nashville. Sometimes the connection is chromatic, sometimes thematic, and sometimes gestural, but all were chosen with our unique venue in mind as Ross looked back upon her archives, and each has a captivating story to tell.

Each day of the gallery's duration will feature a new reason to visit, be it DJ sets, bakery treats, caffeinated pick-me-ups, live performances from some of Nashville's best and brightest, or the promise of bookstore goodness without having to battle Green Hills traffic. Check out the full schedule below:

Opening Night, Thursday April 21, 6pm:


Friday April 22, 10am-6pm:


Saturday April 23, 10am-6pm:


Closing Day Sunday April 24, 12pm:


About Heidi Ross:

Originally from Montana, Heidi Ross moved to Nashville in 2004 after spending several years in New Orleans. A creative director and photographer, and the co-founder of Studio MRQ: Fine Function, her images have been featured in group shows alongside William Klein, Richard Avedon, and Vivian Maier, as well as on album covers and in branding campaigns. All images in ILK are limited editions of five prints. The exhibition and all events are open to the public.