We are so pleased to present to you the debut record from The Girl Who Could Play Anything.... Miss Olivia Jean! Bathtub Love Killings, produced by Jack White himself, showcases Olivia Jean as a songwriting force to be reckoned with, a multi-instrumentalist who can play damn near every instrument she gets her hands on, and a expert hunter of the elusive ear worm.

Yesterday, Olivia Jean and Third Man Records hosted a very successful blood drive in our Blue Room, offering tickets to Devil's Night and an exclusive lavender-colored version of Bathtub Love Killings to those willing to be drained in the name of helping the American Red Cross help others. Thank you to all who "paid by the pint." We can't wait to spook you in a few weeks...


Diffuser is hosting a full album stream of Bathtub Love Killings, so if we haven't yet convinced you that this record deserves a home in your collection, be sure to check out their premiere and have a listen for yourself.

Don't forget to catch Olivia on the road this link, follow her on Instagram and Tumblr, and pick up your copy of Bathtub Love Killings from our online store for Vinyl or CD, or at iTunes.