For Record Store Day 2014 Third Man is primed to celebrate the 11th anniversary of [HighlightText,color="#fff",weight="bold",style="italic"]Do Rabbits Wonder?[/HighlightText] the debut album by Grand Rapids, Michigan art punks Whirlwind Heat. Produced by Jack White, Rabbits is close to our heart as it was the first non-White Stripes release to carry the Third Man logo, long before Nashville storefronts, "vinyl comeback" and all the other trappings currently attached to this fun little label we've grown. To utilize the album's colorful song titles, Third Man is pulling out all the stops and pressing the LP on 12 different colors of vinyl for Record Store Day, with the standard black-vinyl pressing coming later in the year.


Orange / Black / Purple / Tan / Green / Blue / Yellow / Pink / Red / Brown / Silver / White / Grey

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