Picture it: peak summer in Nashville, July 2015. The sweltering days and nights are long as ever and the humidity ain’t kind. So what do we do? We put on a matinee all ages show with one of the most raucous bands we can conceive of resulting in one of the sweatiest crowds in Third Man’s Blue Room history—Fucked Up. True to tradition, we recorded the whole thing direct-to-acetate and are unleashing the force unto the world...TODAY.

Fucked Up is a rare band. They’re a mutant strain of post-hardcore, arena-punk super-talents capable of reworking the strange and the beautiful into something cohesive, but never at the expense of their signature, addictive, furious entropy. They are truly a blitzkrieg of song and lyric.

Is it work-shy and lazy to call a live record whose songs flow seamlessly into one another “epic?” What if every track is a battering ram of rabid guitar, fugitive vox, deathmatch bass and roaring drums? No matter how you dice it...one word won’t ever be enough to explain a band like Fucked Up. All substitutions will pale in comparison to the experience itself. That goes for every blurb and every pixelated cell phone video out there. But our record does the show justice.

We’ve been itching to get this one on your turntables and we know you can’t wait to drop the needle. This six-track sonic boom of a record will be available for your listening pleasure TODAY online and in both Nashville/Detroit storefronts as well as your favorite independent record stores. If you were lucky enough to attend this sweat show and purchased a black-and-blue record, it will be shipping out today, or if you opted for pick up, please bring your ticket and receipt to the Nashville storefront to redeem your exclusive vinyl record.

Year of the Rat
David Comes to Life
Son the Father
I Hate Summer
Year of the Ox
California Cold

Listen to “David Comes to Life” below.