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May is shaping up to be the funniest month in Nashville history (what, with the Wild West Comedy Fest in town and hometown hero Billy Wayne Davis taking the stage of the Blue Room and the whole world going to shit with Davidson county at the helm voting for Donald Drumpf in the primary... wait, are we laughing or crying?). So, it's fitting that our friend Bill Burr and his F is for Family co-creator Mike Price will also be stopping in at Third Man headquarters for a special screening of an episode from their show with a Q&A about it's conception, and the trials and tribulations along the way towards making it a reality. The screening will follow this month's Light + Sound Machine. Now in its second season, F is for Family is an animated Netflix original series, and we are honored to have the opportunity to screen an episode for you on our big screen in the Blue Room. The show is based around Frank (Burr), a short-tempered, Irish-American, Korean War veteran and family man. The show is full of heart despite the disillusionment and shortcomings of its protagonist, and we are big fans.

Bill Burr is our favorite disgruntled comedian with four stand up specials, a spot-on Podcast, an LP released on Third Man (Live at Andrew's House) and rising fame on the big and small screens. He has been called "the undisputed heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor" by Rolling Stone, and the dish he serves up has just the right amount of salt for our taste. Mike Price is best known for his award winning scripts for The Simpsons, but has also written for the ABC Series Teacher's Pet and for Lucasfilm's Lego Star Wars franchise. We are thrilled to host this dream team and to give you the chance to pick their brains about their new creative endeavor realized. Tickets are available now at