As the Shaggs so wonderfully sang "It's Halloween! It's Halloween!" We are doing Halloween up right this year (Devil's Night is nigh, my friends), and as part of our wicked celebrations, we are beguiled and delighted to bring you two new original recordings from Elvira™ Mistress of the Dark. With two songs written by the otherworldly Fred Schneider (of the B-52s!), both "2 Big Pumpkins" and "13 Nights of Halloween" brim with fun double-entendres, campy cackling, devilishly danceable beats and so much more. If that weren't enough, the cover art for the single is printed with heat-reactive ink. So while Elvira may appear to be only a dark silhouette, once things heat up you'll definitely get a delightful eyeful. And did we mention pugnacious purple vinyl? I think we just did. 

7"s will begin shipping this week, set to arrive to folks just in time for their wonderfully wicked Halloween parties. Order your copy here. Or, if you're not enticed by this larger-than-life packaging and would prefer to own the single digitally, it is available on MP3 at iTunes.