Our current favorite Son Of Detroit, Duane, releases his Third Man Blue Series single today. “Postcard From Hell” b/w “Bubblegum Encore” are the new sound of Detroit night trippin. Hard beats, feral vocals, synth stabs and big dance intent make Duane our second favorite Detroiter to call himself a Streetwalking Cheetah.

Both the Blue Series 7” and iTunes are available today.

100 limited edition Tri Color versions of the single are available from 11am EST at Stormy Records in Dearborn, MI. A fantastic indie shop just outside of Detroit. Check their website for location and more. As is the usual custom, 50 copies of the Tri-Color single will be available in random Duane mail orders through Third Man.

Check out “Postcard From Hell” below. Dig it. Share it. Collect ‘em all.