dough roller ep 430dough roller ep 430

NYC based blues-rockers The Dough Rollers announce the release of their five-track debut EP Gone Baby Gone on iTunes. In honor of the release, the band will play the Late Show with David Letterman tonight, March 14th, 2014, at 11:35 PM EST. Gone Baby Gone is gritty and stripped-down with elements of blues and garage rock, and, as previously mentioned, will be available on vinyl via Third Man this Spring. Head on over to A.V. Club, or press play below, to stream another track off the EP: "Garbage Salad."

The Dough Rollers will be playing TMRSXSW this Saturday at 2pm at the Museum of Human Achievement in Austin, so if you're in town for South By Southwest, be sure to stop in at 3600 Lyons Rd. to see them live.